Saturday, March 7, 2009


The sky is grey after yesterday's bright blue one and the light isn't great for the photographs but Purple is really one of my favourite colours. Here are two large Purple hair clips on my mini dress form.

This is a detail from a kimono quilt that my Mum (Felicity Aston) made for me. Actually she made one for my Brother and his wife for their wedding because they worked and met in Japan. I loved that quilt so much that my mum made one just for me. I am so lucky!

A photo album and note card set from Paperchase

My 18th Birthday present (wow that was a long time ago) from my Mum and Dad it is a beautiful piece of kinetic jewelry from Alan Ardiff. I still love his work and hope to own more pieces one day. While taking this photo I realised my jewelry needs a really good clean.

A shameless bit of self promotion - why not. A lilac flower from a clutch made by me. You can check it out at or just click on the picture at the top right of this blog!

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