Saturday, March 28, 2009

Circles T-Shirt

I bought this top at Anthropologie Yesterday. It is so pretty and purple and hey it wouldn't be that hard to make.....

I stopped at Old Navy on the way home and picked up a blue T-shirt ($12.50), I cut out various sizes of blue circles and appliqued them onto the neckline and side and cut away the excess t-shirt.

Hey Presto - Blue bubble Tshirt. I just wonder how it will survive my cavalier style of washing clothing, ie. not treating my clothes that well.

Detail of the neckline.
Oh oh - I actually found a little hole which I obviously made when I was cutting off the interfacing, i am going to put some more circles up the right side to cover my error - grr ( I will post another picture once fixed..)

Detail of the bottom.

The question remains - do I still need the purple t-shirt?? It was on sale but Anthropologie sale = still not cheap enough.


  1. Well isn't that lovely! I also have the 'I could make that myself!' syndrome, but quite often I don't actually ever make it... Well done for getting straight into action!

  2. I think that yours is just as nice as the Anthropologie one. But if you decide to keep the Anthropologie one, I'll take the blue one off of your hands so you don't have two similar items.


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