Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Orange is not my favourite colour. The only room we painted when we moved in to our house was our living room and thats because it was Orange and I couldn't live with it. I don't even have an orange fabric bin. I have to admit it does look nice with Blue though (complementry colour and all). I thought Orange photographs would be hard but as it happens I do have some stuff.

This is a patched wall hanging that my aunt gave me when I was 13 or so. It features indian shisha work (mirrors) and beautiful embroidery, cut from vintage clothes or textiles and reassembled. It is one of the pieces of my high school bedroom that has made the journey over here. I did read somewhere that a lot of family heirlooms were being lost this way as people sold them to make some money, that makes me sad, but I really do appreciate the hard work that went into each piece.

I have a beautiful african wall hanging that my friends from Kenya gave us as a wedding gift. My wall needed a little something more to add to it. This is a basket that I bought at a discount store here. It hangs with its friends up on my wall beside the wall hanging. I have a notion to collect more in different sizes and keep adding to them.

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