Saturday, March 21, 2009


I received a lovely award from my new friend Floss over at Troc, Broc and Recup' . I am honestly thrilled that she decided to give me an award. It is nice and gives me a little glowing feeling!

So now that I have been given the award, I am supposed to list 7 things that I love and then give the award to 7 more creative bloggers.

7 Things I love
Like the previous winners of this award I am assuming that you all know that top of my list would be my hubby and my family so I will not be including them in my top 7.

1. The Sea - I love the sea and miss living beside it
2. The changing of the seasons, I love the start of a new season I am so ready for spring and it just beginning glorious, but i will love the start of summer too and Autumn and Winter.
3. Shopping with my Mum, she is my favourite person to shop with. We had a lot of fabulos shopping trips to London when I lived at home.
4. London! My favourite city, I love Camden and Spitalfields and the markets in general I also love Oxford Street.
5. The Giants Causeway, this is a fantastic natural rock formation in Northern Ireland, I try to do my bit for Northern Ireland Tourism by recommending that people visit.
6. Fabric/sewing I am a textile artist and I love fabric and textiles and embellishment.
7. Barcelona, My husband went here on holiday before our wedding and we loved it, we made up our own little tour and walked all over the city. The architecture of Gaudi is amazing and it is such an inspirational city!

7 Creative Bloggers
If someone else had given this to me I would have nominated Floss of Troc, Broc and Recup' because I have really been enjoying her Blog. Since she gave it to me I will pass it on to 7 different bloggers. As a relatively new blogger I am still exploring and finding blogs that I love to read.

1. Calamity Kim - I discovered her blog from a google image search of a paper rose, I was hooked and keep checking in - she led me to -
2. The Little Red Hen - who hosted Colour Week which I found so fun and really helped me kick start my blog.
3. HenHouse - Gorgeous pictures, she has beautiful Union Jack Cushions which has struck a chord with me as I am currently making both U.S. and U.K. Flag pillows with Floral fabrics for the hubby and I.
4. Dogdaisychains - Beautiful embroidery and I have been enjoying her recent posts about Marrakech
5. Hens Teeth - the Header of her Blog captivated me so beautiful and I a hooked
6. Geninne's Art Blog - Beautiful Illustration and handmade stamps. I am also incredibly envious of her fantastically organized and neat studio.
7. Her Library Adventures.. - My newest discovery. I particularly related to one recent post about her love for old keys coming in part from "The Secret Garden". I remember having that same exact feeling and I have a small collection of old keys and did a piece based on them when I was in college.

After compiling my list I realized that some of the above Bloggers may have received this award before - Ah well I am sure they won't mind being told how wonderful they are! Check them all out!


  1. Thank you so much for the award and congratulations for receiving it yourself! I am truly pleased!

  2. Thank you for the award. You list a few of my favorite blogs there too. I am honored to be in that list.

  3. Hi ASshley. Thank you so much for that award,it means a lot. I will blog about it later in the week.

  4. thank you! I think it's so sweet! and I'm honored! I am leaving my Apron Celebration Post up until April 1st when I select a winner for the Giveaway and then I will be happy to do this meme/award. Thanks again and happy blogging!

  5. Hi - I'm just catching up after a while offline - thanks very much for being so nice about me and 'Troc broc'. I'm following up on the blogs you've listed now - isn't this a good way to find new blogs!


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