Sunday, March 8, 2009


Yummy Peanut M&Ms - can there be a tastier rainbow?

This is a close up of a cardigan that my in-laws bought me for Christmas before I was their daughter in law - all the information that they knew about me was that I liked stripes. They did a good job and this is much worn and loved.

A Paperchase bookmark.

My Set of mixing bowls, a great housewarming gift from my good friend Jess.

I once saw a complete circle Rainbow from an Airplane, it was so beautiful. Every time I see a rainbow I look for the second one. There is often a fainter rainbow above the first but the colour way is reversed Blue at the top and Red on the inside of the arc. Next time you see a rainbow check and see if you can see another.

Thank you to The Little Red Hen for coming up with Colour Week. It has been a lot of fun and has certainly been inspiring. I will definitely take part again next year. Thanks to everyone who has posted pictures on their blog it has been fun to check them all out.

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