Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 7 (OADCC)

Today I decided to make another flower brooch, this time its a little different. I used a thinner interfacing which actually shrivels under heat. This can be used to make a great texture in the flower petals.
I used fabric from a friends bridesmaid dress. I love to get old bridesmaids dresses, they are rarely something a person would wear again and often have great fabrics for bags and brooches etc. Let me know if you want to get rid of any (and you live in Michigan).

Since I was making something smaller today I made 2 brooches instead of 1. I will try to get some better detail shots up here tomorrow.


  1. Very clever interfacing and lovely use of fabric, there, Ashley. I've loved tracking back to look at your last few days of creativity too. Keep going!

  2. I absolutely love these! The colors are great and the shrinky interfacing gave such a neat look to it.

  3. I just looked back and realized you used an old bridesmaid's dress. It is really funny you mention that. I just got out an old bridesmaids dress this weekend and my husband suggested I use it to make a bag or clutch.. guess what I will be doing this week?? ;-) Great job!!.. I really love these

  4. That is so cool! fun to see how you make them!

  5. Ash, I think I have some dresses you're welcome to. I made silk roses from them once upon a time, so they're already cut up some. But silk roses are not my calling and I had a boy, not a girl, so you're welcome to them. Emerald green partly sun-faded to a sort of olive brown, and red with black. I would be happy to give them to Jen, and give you two a reason to hook up (as if shopping wasn't enough).

  6. Thanks Holly, I would love them!


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