Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 4 (OADCC)

Today's challenge, Bunting! I am hosting a mini Blue baby shower for my friend - she doesn't know about it, unless she reads this blog in which case now she does (Surprise!).
I am trying to save the more time intensive projects (like this one) for my Days off work. I managed to do this whole thing today, including going to the fabric store and battling the labor day sales event and registers that weren't working. I must have spent 2 hrs there and they were not fun! Unfortunately I still ended up working on it this evening because of the length of time I spent in the store.

Left side of the bunting. I made a pink set for the same friend when her daughter turned 1 and she loved it, I am sure she will be very pleased with a blue set. Once again I am very pleased with my work today, this would normally have taken me forever to do - because of the dreaded procrastination!

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