Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 14 & 15 (OADCC)

The observant among you, may have noticed that i was off by 1 day on my count. I had worked very late on projects 2 nights running so just posted about them the next day. Yesterday however was the day of the baby shower for my friend, at my house. I live in a state of chaos and so I spent most of the day cooking, cleaning and generally preparing my house for guests. The most crafty thing I did was a bit of flower arranging.

Anyway to make up for that I planed to do 2 things today. I actually needed to do 2 things today. I agreed to be part of whosies postcard swap over at Whosies.blogspot.com
I had 2 swap partners and the postcards had to be mailed out today! So I got to making 2 postcards - I carefully measured and cut and after making the first one I discovered I had made it an inch to wide, oops. I loved it so much that I sent it anyway ( actually that would have been a good excuse to keep it). I made the second one to the correct size. I am sorry to say that 1 is better than the other, but I did like them both. I don't want to show you them yet but I will when I think they may have received them.

Here they are sitting in my mail box, after which I took them out and took them to the post office to be mailed.

P.S. My friend loved her Bunting that I made on Day 4!


  1. I'd like to think that crafters live in a state of chaos, because tat is me as well :)

    I bet the postcards are fabulous to the touch as well as sight. Can't wait for their close-ups!

  2. State of chaos - yup, I recognise that one too! Lovely flowers, Ashley.


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