Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 5 (OADCC)

Today I decided to make myself a little travel bag for my undies, I always end up carrying them in a plastic bag and have been meaning to make one of these for quite sometime.

The lettering took forever because it was done the hard way (free machining) and not with one of those fancy embroidery cards (I have a suitable machine but do not have the letter card to put in it!)
In the end the hardest part was the cord, I decided to be clever and do french seams which totally ruined the pull through on the cord tie. I need to sleep on it.


  1. Very professional - I can't believe you made that! It makes my head hurt trying to imagine how you did the word... I love the colour you choose too.

  2. I just saw this bag and felt compelled to leave a comment - and then I see I have already left a comment - LOL!
    It is fantastic though, and deserves another comment.


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