Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 1 (OADCC)

After deciding to do this craft challenge and getting a good response I looked at my work schedule in horror last week as I saw that Day 1 was going to be a pretty hectic work day. As I was working hard all day and then had to buy groceries and make dinner, I decided I better do something quite small and achievable for my first day. I know, (I thought) a small little fabric brooch!

How about a lovely little purple flower.

Little! LITTLE, little (I said). Well I made a fairly large purple flower brooch.

Detail of the clown size flower brooch!

Despite its size I am quite pleased with the fruits of my labor on day 1 of my One A Day Craft Challenge. To see other participants check out who else is Up for the challenge! at the end of my first post.

If you want to join in at any time let me know and I will add you to my list.


  1. Oh that is so pretty!!

    I am not going to be able to take pictures every day of what I did. But yesterday, my son and I beaded a bracelet for him. He loved it.

    I worked on a Halloween table runner and ran out of the binding material right in the middle of it. I'll work on that some more today!


  2. That challenge is a great idea! My main challenge is to get my timetable sorted in September - I teach in a school and have many private pupils, but I'm trying to add some university lessons in too, which is not working so well! Thus, I think that crafting is going to take a real back seat, although I've been sanding and waxing some furniture today, if that counts! I love your brooch, and look forward to what else is to come...

  3. how pretty that brooch is....lovely!x


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