Friday, August 21, 2009


GP105 Red Kaffe Fassett

I took my first ever trip to the Guildcrafters Quilt Shop in Berkley Mi, Not allowed to take photos inside but you can see some on their website. I was hoping to find some Anna Maria Horner Good Folks fabric, which I adore but I did not. They did have some of her other ranges though. It is a lovely shop and filled with the most glorious selection of fabrics unlike Joanne fabrics, also unlike Joanne fabrics, the price Yikes! I mean it is great fabric and you get what you pay for it is just that I am a cheapskate. Having said that I couldn't leave without buying something and I came home with a 1/4 yd of this lovely Kaffe Fassett fabric. They didn't use a ruler to cut and I was a little worried until I got home and realised that they are a little generous to compensate for the lack of a straight edge. In Joanne Fabrics they will trim off an uneven edge and throw it away rather than give that little extra bit to the quilter. That really offends my sensibilities.

Just as I sat down to write this post the most wonderful rainbow appeared across my studio, I took it as a sign that I should post more often. Or maybe that I should clean up as it came from a CD that was lying on my desk in the sun.


  1. Hi Ashley! Thanks for your feedback about my trees, I think you might be right about constructivism tree - it was a challenge to make it look like it has a purpose :) I love your new piece of fabric. What are you planning to do eith it?

  2. I just rode my bike by there yesterday & wondered about their pricing...thanks for the warning :) I will keep it in mind for special things or when i really can't find something....and Joanns - I've talked with some of the ladies & it drives them nuts that they are now required to cut it so precise that it means tossing bits - they didn't used to. I guess in the amounts they sell it added up fast!

    And wrt the, yeah, it could be more of a sign to clean...but I'd still take it as inspiration :)


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