Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sick Bed Post

I have been sick since Sunday and have been unable to do much of anything really, I went to the Doctor today and I just have a virus that for some reason has hit me very hard. So I am trying to cheer myself up with a virtual look into items that ight make me feel better. First the Estrella Bedding set from Anthropologie - if you have to spend most of your day sleeping, why not snuggle up under that.

Second a nice pair of PJs these ones are from Victoria's Secret - actually it was kind of hard to find a pair of pajamas everything at this time of the year is short, but this is more like what I need right now.
Third these Yummy hot water bottle covers from Garnet Hill. I alternate between running temperature and shivering all over - this would be perfect for the shivery cold moments.


  1. Oh dear, do get well soon! The pictures you've chosen should be a real help. As soon as you feel well enough, I've tagged you over at my blog (on the post titled Tagged Handkerchief).

  2. I think if I had all those beautiful things I would never get out of bed! t.x

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