Friday, March 19, 2010

Breeze driftin' on by you know how I feel

What beautiful weather we are having! I just had to go for a walk and I took my camera with me! Look at that gorgeous blue sky.

There was a wonderful breeze blowing everything about but it was still very warm and I just started humming Nina Simone - Feeling Good . So the sort of day that makes you hum that song has to be good!

Our tree in the back garden is the local hang out for the squirrels of the neighborhood. There isn't actually a drey in either of our trees but they love to hang out there.

Here is a squirrel basking in the sun - who knew that squirrels basked!

Who could blame him, I might have been up for a little basking myself -if we'd have had any of our patio set out of the shed.

I wasn't even upset by what the breeze did to my hair - it gave me Einstein hair - you get to see a shadow!

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  1. I was sure that was a cat! that squirrel is so huge and black! the ones we have around here are with bright red fir which becomes gray for winter.


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