Monday, December 7, 2009

Polka Dot Christmasy Swap

I went out for lunch with the hubby today and when I got home I found a delightful Christmas package on the door step. It was my polka dot gift for the Christmas Polka Dot Swap from my swap partner Bec Lewis of Little Brown Dog blog.

The rules for the swap were
  • At least three small items - these can be absolutely anything you want! But...
  • One item must be something handmade and Christmasy (i.e. a Christmas apron, decoration, stocking, etc) and must include some polka dot fabric
  • You must make the decoration including the colours your swap partner requests (this is because I know some of you will be like me, and have theme colours for Christmas)
I am delighted at what I have received. Firstly and polka dotty was my stocking. It is perfect! this is our first Christmas just the 2 of us so I was planning on making a stocking us both. Now I just have to make one for Justin. The bell on the toe is also great bells are somewhat of a Christmas theme for me. nicely wrapped in the stocking was a little birdy ornament which is now hanging on the tree. Thirdly all rolled up was a lovely cushion cover made from and Irish linen tea towel, perfect for me really - I love Irish Linen and the cushion is just so quirky!

Thank you so much Bec! I love all my items. I hope yours arrive soon!

I decided to experiment with Photovisi on this post. A way to make collages - anyone know of any other free programs - I am envious of those beautifully collaged posts which succesful bloggers put together.


  1. Hi Ashley, my swap has arrived too. Thanks so much I love the jingly bunting, it's hanging across our door and catches the wind so nicely. I'm so glad you like your parcel. For more free collage fun you can try picnik, but I love what you've done on photovisi.

  2. Hi there, oh all very cute. How clever is that, making a cushion out of a tea towel.

  3. Oh I forgot to ask how is your overlocker going? I love mine and use it just as much as my sewing machine now. It saves so much time and makes things look so professional.


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