Thursday, November 5, 2009

Detroit Eastern Market

I had a great time with my parents while they were here. I had no time to blog so I felt a bit like I had abandoned it . I am back now. My Mum and Dad are fantastic and helped me get so much done around the house, including revamping my sewing room/studio I will post pictures of that soon.

One of the things we did when they were here was take a trip to the Eastern Market in Detroit. I had never been before and wanted someone to go with me and my parents happily obliged.

An amazing pile of gourds .

Indian corn.
Indian corn on top of gourds.

Beautifully displayed Chrysanthemums as I was taking this shot the market vendor posed for the pic and I felt obliged to take one of him as well.

Sunflower heads, I imagine people use these for displays? They were huge like great big pillows.

We came away with a load of veggies at extremely reasonable prices. I will definitely be going again.


  1. those sunflower heads look interesting!

  2. Wow, a wonderful set of photos. I actually managed to buy some Indian Corn at a Vide Greniers the other day (quite surprising) otherwise I would have been very jealous of you! We've had displays of crysanthemums like that outside all our florists' shops (spilling out ont pavements and even roads) so that people could buy them for family graves at Toussaint - All Saints' Day.

    Good to have you back and to hear you've had such a good time!

  3. Hi Ashley, i've been teamed up with you for the polka dot swap and i'm super excited. You can reach me at my blog and leave a comment to let me know your fave christmas colours. I'm pretty traditional and like red and white. Looking forward to hearing from you :)


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