Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birthday Present for me.....

I just had a big birthday yesterday. My Nana gave me some money and the rule is that I have to spend it on something for myself, I was browsing my favourites on Etsy yesterday and I came across a beautiful butterfly necklace made by neile's shop that necklace is long since sold of course, but I started looking at her shop, and then her sold items. I think I am going to comission a Blue Morpho butterfly necklace for myself. I think it is just beautiful.

The question now is do I need to get a whole set made (above) which would require me to add some money or would the neccklace be enough for me. Will I always be looking for earrings that match?


  1. Happy Birthday! The jewellery is stunning - I've seen butterfly wings used in more abstract jewellery, but never in an actual butterfly shape. If you have other birthday money, why not add it in and get the full set?

  2. I love the butterfly... it is just gorgeous! I would get the matching earrings. Would I be a total copycat if I got these, too? :-)


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