Monday, February 2, 2009

The Journey - Quilt

This beautiful piece has been done by my Mum, Felicity Aston. She is a very talented Fiber Artist and a constant source of inspiration. She belongs to the Northern Ireland Patchwork Guild and this piece is the result of the their ''The hands across the border'' exhibition, the theme of which is ''The Journey''
It is based upon the annual epic migration of Light bellied Brent Geese from Arctic Canada to Strangford Lough where they pass the winter months. Evidently this year 26,000 arrived here out of a total world population of around 50,000.
The borders represent the snow and fir trees in the north and a greener milder environment in the south


  1. Gorgeous! How long did it take your Mom to make?


  2. She hadn't even started it when I was there so I would say under a month.


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